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october goals

October 1, 2016


September flew by! I don’t mind time passing quickly as I am nearing my favorite time of year (CHRISTMAS!) and the end of this deployment!! If I allow myself to think about the day I get to see my husband I can’t quite focus on anything else. So as I want to daydream about it so badly I’ve been trying to keep my mind distracted while still allowing the knowledge and reality of each passing day to hit me. September was filled with autumn cleaning and organizing and simplifying. I successfully completed all my goals for last month as well! Yippee!!

September Goals
Drink all the water (I struggle getting my water in) – YO! I did it!
Clean out the office – YES!!!! FINALLY!!
Get our vacation planned/booked – CHECK! I can’t wait!
Decorate for autumn – YAY! Done!
Edit home life – check
Edit home life video – check!
Get the tires rotated – check!
Get windows tinted – check check check! We’ve wanted to do this for about 7 years and it’s finally done!

I’m keeping it simple for this month…

October Goals
-Edit vlogs
-Keep house clean
-Pray pray pray
-Mail out birthday gifts

Did you set any goals this month? It’s not too late 🙂


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