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2017 & February Goals

February 1, 2017


It’s a new year! We are actually onto the second┬ámonth of the new year! My oh my has it been hectic since I was last here.

Last time we spoke I was getting ready for D to get home from his deployment and had been keeping things simple as I prepared my heart and our home for such a joyous reunion!

But here we are already February and I must say I’m quite excited for what this year has in store for us!

For the past few years I have picked a word to live that year by. I have really enjoyed having a word of the year, however this year it was hard to pick, I had about four words I kept thinking about, but at the end of each of those, I found myself kind of trying to make them all fit into this one meaning… and then I realized what my word needed to be…

intentional. In my relationships, in our finances, in how I spend my time, in my exercises, in my words and actions, in what I put in and on my body, in my prayers, and in every other area.

Along with picking a word for the year I also set goals for the year (and every month)

2017 Goals

-Work on upper body strength
-Run a race every month (whether virtual or organized)
-Run a half marathon
-Read more (no set number of books, I just want to read for enjoyment)

Last year I discovered my love for running and now I want to do all the races!

February Goals

-Craft something
-De-clutter garage
-Look up boxing workouts
-Drink all the water
-Edit Vlog
-Send out mail
-Find 2-4 belts
-Try 1 new recipe


Did you pick a word for this year? What about goals, have you set any? Share them with me below!

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