I'm Aubrey and I'm so happy you are here!! I love finding joy in the nothingness, the mundane things (and also the super awesome things). Here is where I talk about that and everything else in between.

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Currently – March

March 5, 2017

Watching | The Jamz & No Tomorrow – these just recently popped up on our Netflix and they are pretty good! The Jamz is about two guys who do a late night radio show and just got word that the prime time slot is opening up and are now trying to work their way into it – it’s pretty funny! No Tomorrow is about a girl who meets a guy who believes the world is going to be ending in just under a year and he encourages her to live life like there is no tomorrow, both crossing off items from their list of things to do before the world ends. It’s funny and cute!

Eating | All the smoothies! Well just my regular one, but I am obsessed and I make it every morning even when it’s snowy! My favorite go-to smoothie is spinach, banana, blueberry, strawberry, and peach, maca powder, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and a probiotic!

Saying | that I want to craft! I never schedule enough time for it though! However, I have gotten in a couple days of it in the past couple weeks, it’s not nearly as much as I would like! Why you gotta be never ending dishes & laundry!? 😉


Wearing | ankle boots – ok, so I’ve only worn them once but I just bought my first pair.. actually my first 4 pair! I know a little overkill for never having worn them before, but the first pair was just too cute, and then another pair was only $3!! and the last two were just good shades of brown! And now (even though I’ve only worn the black ones so far) I want ALL the ankle boots!

Posting | and posting forever on my instagram! I can’t say enough how amazing the community of Fit Girls Guide is!! They are sooo encouraging, understanding, loving, and all the other good adjectives!

I’m linking up with Anne & Carrie today!

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  • I see a lil fluffy fur-ball in your snowy smoothie pic- is it a pup and what kind? I have a maltese-shihtzu 😉

    • thefoundlife

      YES! My favorite pup! Hubble, she is a westie (and although I call her my pup, she is almost 11!!)

  • Those ankle boots look like some great finds – love them all! And I’ve been craving some craft time too…just can’t decide what kind of project I want to work on. Thanks for linking up!

    • thefoundlife

      Thank you! I hadn’t gone out with the motive to find any, but when I found them I couldn’t turn them down! I’m in the same boat, I have a bunch of unfinished crafts I could work on, but I also keep finding a ton more new ones that I want to try too!