I'm Aubrey and I'm so happy you are here!! I love finding joy in the nothingness, the mundane things (and also the super awesome things). Here is where I talk about that and everything else in between.

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Friday’s Letters

friday's letters
March 10, 2017

Dear Husband, you love me so well! Thank you for always caring so gently for my heart when it really needs it the most! Dear Army, you’re awesome and I like you, but can you get your stuff together real quick? Dear Weather, have you made up your mind yet? Snow, rain, sunshine? Dear Hubble & Phoebe, you girls light up my life! Thank you for loving each other and chasing each other around the house! It bings me so much joy! Dear Cauliflower, thank you for being such a versatile vegetable and letting me enjoy macaroni and cheese without any guilt! Dear Mermaid 10k, I’m so excited to run you and crush my PR! Dear Handsome, I can’t wait to celebrate our anniversary and run another race together! You are my favorite favorite!

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