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March Goals

March 2, 2017

Hellooo March!

We had some crazy weather so far this year, but I’m not complaining because grey skies and cold breezes is the kind of weather that my dreams are made of (all the heart eye emojis). That being said however, I’m not sure if I want more sun, rain, or snow right now…

I got started on my goals late this year, but I am feeling pretty good about them! Although I may struggle on the daily with time management and motivation I must say I’ve been feeling extra accomplished as of late! February went by rather quickly (but then I say that every month #truth). Derek had to travel for work so it was the first time we were apart since he got home from his deployment!! Thankfully I had a lot to keep me busy and the week went by in a blink!

February Goals

Craft something – done! I crafted a few things actually!
De-clutter garage – YES! We still have a few things in there that we need to get rid of, but they are bigger items that we are going to try to sell
Look up boxing workouts – I haven’t looked any up, but I have gone out and used it, that thing is no joke! 🙂
Read – yes yes yes!
Drink all the water – I’m trying y’all! You know this is a huge struggle for me, but boy oh boy am I trying!
Blog – I got a couple of blogs in!
-Edit Vlog – sadly I didn’t even open the program 🙁
Send out mail – yes!
Find 2-4 belts -YES YES – I actually found 6 – it was a deal 3 for the price of 1 at Burlington, so I got two packs (white, navy, dark brown, black, tan, gold)
Try 1 new recipe – I think we tried 3!

March Goals

-Celebrate our anniversary in San Deigo
-Run the Mermaid 10k with Derek in San Diego
-Up my speed at the gym (by .2 by the end of the month – that sounds slow, but it sure doesn’t feel like it! hah)
-Edit vlog
-Send out birthday gift
-1000 squats challenge (ends March 31)
-Practice handstands
-Review our budget

Did you set any goals this month? Share them with me below!

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