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April Goals

April 6, 2017

March. You were pretty awesome! I got to celebrate 8 ridiculously awesome years being married to my very best friend!! I ran my fastest 10k ever! I went on a road trip with Derek and our pup & kit (who are both excellent road trippers)!

So now that March is gone and we are onto April we are getting closer inch by inch to summer! Which means watermelon, popsicles, bathing suits, and long evenings! As much as I love me some gloomy skies, I am pretty excited for summer and BBQs and evening pool trips!

March Goals

Celebrate our anniversary in San Deigo – yes! This was such a nice trip, one day we went to the aquarium and did a behind the scenes tour, and on another we got to do a safari trip at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park! It was awesome!
Run the Mermaid 10k with Derek in San Diego – WHOOO!!!! YES! I totally crushed my goal and I had fun!!
Up my speed at the gym (by .2 by the end of the month – that sounds slow, but it sure doesn’t feel like it! hah) – I only increased this by .1 – but I’m ok with that since I did so well at the race! So I’m marking it as done!
Edit vlog – yes! yay! for once I finally got to work on this from… LAST SUMMER! I still have a few more to go, but I got part 1 done of┬ámy July vlog
Send out birthday gift – not yet, but I let the birthday boy know that it would be late
-1000 squats challenge (ends March 31) – y’all I sucked at this! I just kept forgetting! Next time I sign up for a challenge I’m going to set a reminder on my phone! (I did however get in a good few hundred…)
-Practice handstands – no, I am too much of a chicken!!!
-Review our budget – another no… this is rolling over to this month…

April Goals

-Review our budget
-Send out birthday gifts
-Clean HOUSE
-Visit with some of our favorite people (one of my best friends and her husband are coming into town to visit for a long weekend! I can’t wait!)
-Finish editing part 2 of July Vlog
-Yard work (mowing)

That’s it for April, I’m trying to keep it simple this month so that I can tackle everything for once! Did you set any goals this month?

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