I'm Aubrey and I'm so happy you are here!! I love finding joy in the nothingness, the mundane things (and also the super awesome things). Here is where I talk about that and everything else in between.

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Currently – April

April 6, 2017

Accomplishing | (or at least trying to) organize and clean out the pictures and videos on my phone! I have over 11,000 images on there!!! I’ve been slowly trying to clean it out, but I keep having to delete things because I don’t have enough space, so I need to speed it up!

Feeling | fresh and clean in my new haircut! Ever since Derek and I started dating, I have had my mother in love cut my hair (she used to be a hairdresser), but since we don’t live too close anymore, I try to get a cut or trim in when I can, and I finally cut off 10 inches to get ready for summer!! It feels so nice and healthy!

Needing | to clean clean clean! We have some friends coming to stay with us and the dining room table (or ‘the pit’ as it’s known) is a MESS, and I need to clean out the guest room too! I feel a spring cleaning spree coming where I purge the house of all the things!

Practicing | the art of letting go. Or at least I’m trying. I was inspired by someone recently to do this. It’s not always easy, but once you finally do, it’s a huge weight lifted off your shoulders! I’m talking things, feelings, people. I’m learning that it’s not a bad thing.

Pinning | nothing. Not lately at least, I haven’t been on Pinterest in a while! I love Pinterest but I just haven’t been on in a while. Maybe I should head over and browse some boards.

I’m linking up with Anne & Jess.

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  • Your hair looks great! Love that fresh cut feeling. And ooof I could use some serious cleaning out/organizing of my iPhoto library, but it sounds a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? Thanks for linking up!

    • thefoundlife

      Thank you!! So overwhelming, which is probably why I have so many images still!!

  • Your hair is gorgeous!! I’ve kept mine on the shorter side for awhile now, but I have hit that point where mine is driving me a little batty so I am so excited to get it freshened up next week. And same for the photos and videos on my phone – I think I have close to the same amount, but I just pay for storage because I just can’t bring myself to do anything else with them haha!