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August Goals

August 1, 2017

“Just keep me where the light is”

I’m going into August with this quote from John Mayer in my heart!

Whoo! July just flew by! It was over before I knew it! I started out the month feeling super pumped to knock out goals and be productive! The first day D and I went out for a long run and not 2 miles in I sprained my ankle! I was going downhill on the trail (that was covered with weeds and prickly plants) and I stepped on something and went down! I was sooo upset! Just when I had gotten all this motivation it got sucked right out! I struggled the whole month with not only my workouts, but all of the goals I set! And just when it smoothed out and I got some oomf back, I pulled or popped something in my knee :/… so for August, I’m working on intentional movements to heal and move forward even stronger, and again not just in my workouts but in all areas!


July Goals
Go to the lake and take pictures – I did, but not really the way I had wanted, but I’m going to take it as a win.
-Take 3 spin classes – almost! I got 2 spin classes and 1 Barre Burn class!
-Workout 5 days a week – boo…. I think the most I got was 3 🙁
Make our own shaving cream – I did this!
-Finish at least 3 sewing projects – close again, I finished two.
-Blog 4 times – You can obviously see this didn’t get done 🙁


August Goals
-Celebrate 31 years of living on Earth
-Intentional stretching (I’m creating a stretching plan)
-Practice headstands (I am 100% a newb here so going SLOW)
-Blog at least twice
-Glow Run

What is on your plate for August?

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