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September Goals

September 1, 2017

Y’all! This year has been flying by and I’m not mad about it… August was great! I celebrated my birthday, ran a lot, stretched, crafted, laughed, ate good food, and relaxed! I am so ready for autumn and cooler temps and yes as lame as some might think it is, all things pumpkin flavored!

I made my goals light last month, and that’s how I accomplished them too (read: I didn’t do all of them)

August Goals
Celebrate 31 years of living on Earth – CHECK!! D surprised me with a wonderful day!
Intentional stretching (I’m creating a stretching plan) – I didn’t create a stretching plan, and I didn’t stretch as often as I should have, but I did stretch!
-Practice headstands (I am 100% a newb here so going SLOW) -nope
-Blog at least twice – If my goals post for the month counts, then yes, if not then no :/
Glow Run – CHECK! It was fun, but not what I expected.


September Goals
-Blacklight run! – excited for this!
-Craft – I would like to make a dent in my sewing pile as well as try a new craft
-Create a moving check list (we are so close! Like I said, this year is flying by)
-Practice headstands – maybe if I keep putting it on my list I’ll actually remember/be brave enough
-Drink water!

Did you make any goals for this month?

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