September Goals

September 1, 2017
Y’all! This year has been flying by and I’m not mad about it… August was great! I celebrated my birthday, ran a lot, stretched, crafted, laughed, ate good food, and relaxed! I am so ready for autumn and cooler temps and yes as lame as some might think it is, all things pumpkin flavored! I […]

3 Ways To Help Relieve Stress

August 9, 2017
Stress or rather things that can cause stress are all around. It might sneak up on you when you least expect it or you can see it coming a mile away! For me stress often brings on anxiety and if you’ve ever dealt with anxiety before you know how much of a jerk it can […]

August Goals

August 1, 2017
“Just keep me where the light is” I’m going into August with this quote from John Mayer in my heart! Whoo! July just flew by! It was over before I knew it! I started out the month feeling super pumped to knock out goals and be productive! The first day D and I went out […]

July Goals

July 1, 2017
For the first time in a long time I missed setting goals for a month. May was full of packing and moving. The move started out smooth, but quickly overflowed with all the bumps, weather, illness, and vehicle repairs. June started with the end of the move and trying to find a place and get […]

May Goals

May 1, 2017
April was a great month! We had a birthday to celebrate, friends visit, plenty of facetime, quiet mornings with my mister, adventures in our town. There have been a few bumps, but what month doesn’t have some? While our friends were in town we showed them all around Lake Tahoe, downtown Carson, Virginia City, we […]

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