friday’s letters

friday's letters
August 26, 2016
    Dear Handsome, we are less than 100 days out! I can’t wait! Dear Best Friends, thank you for everything you are to me, you know just what to say and when to say it! Dear Autumn, you’ve been been hiding for almost a year now – and although you have peeked out a few […]

currently – august

August 3, 2016
Hearting | my new tattoos!! I got two with my sister (the ones on the right): On our ankles, the heart signifies that although we didn’t get to be sisters by blood, God brought us to each other and we get to be sisters by heart and by choice! On our wrists, we got the dinglehopper from […]

august goals

August 1, 2016
July was awesome! I got to spend some wonderful time with family! I went up to Washington to visit them, we picked berries in their backyard, went to the zoo, we went to Forks & La Push, we dyed our hair (a temporary color), and we got tattoos! It was an amazing time and already we […]

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