Meet Aubrey

Hi! I’m Aubrey!

I love everything glittery and sparkly. I like to make up my own words and I think that everything should have sound effects. Pajamas are my favorite. I think every animal wants me to give them a hug, I like ice cream and I hate soup. A good rainy, dreary, foggy day makes my heart do somersaults. I go outside and twirl every time it rains. I love running. When I read, I read aloud in different accents. I love mermaids. I like to sing and dance around the house while I do the chores. I like to paint and craft. Hanson is still one of my favorite bands. I love nail polish, snail mail, lip balm, and driving manual. John Mayer is awesome and NYC is the most romantic city. I bake the best chocolate chip cookies in the world and I’m a sucker for cheesy chick flicks.

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